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30 minute back workout


30 minute back workout I have been loving my training lately, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I am going into the workout with intensity, focus and a workout plan. I have also been keeping my workouts to 60 minutes or less, and this post is all about my recent 30 minute back workout. Back… Read more »

150 lb weight loss journey

150 lb weight loss journey Quinn Yusem

150 lb weight loss journey I talk about life being like this ongoing project where we are constantly working toward a better quality of life. It’s a relentless pursuit for personal development. We are constantly faced with with either obstacles or opportunities depending on how you see it. I met Quinn back in 2012 way… Read more »

*UPDATE* 30 day mini cut week 4

30-day mini cut Week 1 (January 16-22) macro goals – protein 250 / carbs 225 / fat 75-90 The first week of the 30-day mini cut is complete and I am 90% proud of myself. That last 10% though, is where it counts most.That’s that full commitment we talk about. Go all in, or not… Read more »

The Right2Breathe Campaign

The Right2Breathe Campaign is dedicated to providing free COPD Screenings at automotive events and creating tobacco prevention programs for kids. Joe Morrison from Right 2 Breathe joins us today and shares his story behind creating the non profit organization dedicated to COPD Awareness. With the recent opening of the bodhi breathe studio (yoga, pilates, meditation)… Read more »


I HAD BIG BALLS I had big balls, but I was a p***y. It’s been a week now since my surgery. Last Tuesday I had a bi Lateral Hydrocelectomy, a procedure that was way over due. For those who are unaware of what this is, a Hydrocelectomy its the process of eliminating the extra fluid… Read more »


PROJECT MY LIFE JARRETT DEWELDE Jarrett Dewelde from The Rich Planning Group talks about how 100% of his business comes from referrals and how the worlds largest business networking group (BNI) taught him how. Jarrett Dewelde is a Director for the Somerset County region of Business Networking International (BNI). With Christianity as his foundation, the… Read more »


PROJECT MY LIFE BRODY BLOOM Podcast Today’s guest was Brody Bloom; a 25 year old critical thinker, philosopher, and all around bad ass dude. Don’t judge a book by the cover though, his tattoos tell a story and his viking looking beard make him a big teddy bear mostly for his beautiful (also bad ass)… Read more »


PROJECT MY LIFE TIFFANY SIPOS PODCAST WNBF Pro Figure overal champ 2015 Tiffany and I tried for a few weeks to coordinate this interview. After a few reschedules and a bit of frustration with setting up skype, we finally got to talking. And, as irony has it I brain farted and never hit record as… Read more »