Most of You know me as an outspoken bodybuilding meathead. But my day to day consists of helping everyday people get their life back, and together we inspire others to do the same. This is #projectmylife Meet Cindy! She recently lost 55lb and says she's just getting started! You can read Cindy's full project my life story over at #transformationtuesday #projectmylife #inspiration #life #YBYE #bodhibuilt @thisisbodhi

The most important game changing times are often the most difficult. It is this time when you will most likely feel you just can't push anymore. What will keep you moving? What if you knew that success was right around the corner. I always relate to my experience as a bodybuilder. The most important reps of any given set are the last few which of course are the most difficult. The most challenging times will define our character. You have what it takes? Don't break down when you are about to breakthrough! #monettispeaks #monday #motivation #projectmylife #thoughtsbecomethings

I grew up Catholic and I still believe in Jesus Christ. Not sure if it's because I didn't comprehend some things during my Sunday school days or if it was that I wasn't buying the concept of some holidays. For instance a bunny comes around on Easter to lay colored eggs and give me candy because Jesus had risen. Confused. But anyway - I always look forward to days where I can spend time with family and celebrate life. Happy Easter!

I used to care. And I feel it prevented me from me. It wasn't until I stopped giving a shit what people thought of me, then I became true to myself as well as others. BElieve in YOU! #believe #freedom #beyou #projectmylife

These two helped out till the bitter end! THANK YOU FOR MAKING TONIGHT AN AMAZING EVENT! @beecharming @fitnessfrenzy18 🙏 #projectmylife #bodhibuilt #inbfneamerica

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