I can't want it for you. You must want it for yourself. Do some soul searching and find out what exactly you want out of life. Take time for this, but not too long because too much analysis create paralysis and you don't go anywhere. You want to merely exist or do you want to squeeze every last bit out of life? #projectmylife #message #entrepreneur

The most rewarding project you will ever work on is your own life. Do not follow this link! Unless you are looking for some inspiration. Life changing stories over here πŸ‘‰www.projectmylife.com #projectmylife #bodhibuilt @thisisbodhi #transformation #life

Throw back 1993. My parent signed me up for judo at age 9 to help with discipline as I was an overactive child with an endless amount of energy. Baseball from ages 11-15 to get me to socialize and make friends. Football as a freshman for coach Warren Wolf. Those that know high school football in NJ, understand this was a privilege. But, out of all the sports and activities, I gravitated toward building my body through weight training as a means of self gratification. For me it is a combo of my artistic side that challenged me with disciple, structure and integrity. To this day I keep these core values with me daily in my personal life as well as my business. Life is a game. It's not what you do, it's who you are that determines how well you play the game. #projectmylife #entrepreneur #bodhibuilt #tbt

Hello from Barbados. Alive and couldn't be better. No cell, no social media, just sun, mangos, and a whole bunch of relax. And some writings that I will share when I get back, until now - stay cool. #barbados #projectmylife

3 years to life. And I couldn't be happier. Happy anniversary to me and my beautiful bride on our 1st three years of bliss. #love #anthonyloveskaren #soulmate #bestfriend #wcw

Ashley Monday motivation πŸ“’SHOUT OUTπŸ“’ This girl right here had a dream and went for it. It wasn't easy - she struggled, she fought, and she almost got knocked down. She is the epitome of discipline and my project mylife concept! A message from @ashrose27 when I asked for her 1st thoughts of this past Saturday: "Continuing onward with unwavering faith, regardless of what came my way, having patience, believing and trusting in and more importantly, Enjoying the process." I scream {CONGRATULATIONS} To Ashley for her unanimous overall victory this past Saturday in the HERCULES bodybuilding and figure champions! Oh- and if I told you she was eating more than 175 carbs a day and losing weight would you believe me? #dream #believe #wnbf #pro #figure #bodhibuilt #projectmylife @thisisbodhi

It's always great catching up with my bodybuilding family. This guy right here has always been an inspiration for his work ethic and commitment to his dreams. As a bantamweight and being outweighed by close to 100lbs at some shows, I watched him crush the WNBF. Now he begins to make his mark in the IFBB. The Giant Killer, they call him but to me he's a humble giant. @shaunclarida And don't mind the creepy photobomb by @richardkrol #GKFAN #IFBB #WNBF #projectmylife #SELFIE

The 2014 INBF HERCULES BODYBUILDING AND FIGURE CHAMPIONSHIPS about to begin prejudging! Either You did your homework or your didn't. If you weren't in contest condition 2 weeks ago you won't be ready today. Have fun! For live footage follow us on Facebook over here πŸ‘‰http://tinyurl.com/obdcx8e πŸ‘ˆ #INBF #WNBF #BODYBUILDING #PROJECTMYLIFE #HERCULES

No smiles. All business. In honor of the INBF HERCULES Bodybuilding & Figure Championships tomorrow I figured I'd do a flashback to when I won my pro card back in 2008 on that very same stage. What a moment! A life changing moment. At the same time an emptiness was created at the same time as a huge hole was filled. Crazy emotions. Why? Because it took me 12 years to be able to say I did it. Like saying you graduated college, only longer than 4 years unless you are a doctor or a professional student. You get my point. Twelve years. Six close second place finishes Leading up to One lifetime dream. Anyhow- the point is I hear some novice competitor's frustrations after a year or sometimes even 6 months or less of competing for a pro card. "But it's taking so long, it's such bullsh*t" Or "What the f**k were the judges looking at, I had that dude" Message - get over yourself. There are tons of outstanding bodybuilders out there training just as hard if not HARDER than you. If you are in beast mode they are in BEAST MODE. Focus. Do your homework. Stay humble. Your day will come, it's all a matter of how bad you want it. #projectmylife #bodybuilding #WNBF #INBF #dedication #perseverance #neverquit

I'm not only the president, I'm also a client. @thisisbodhi. This can be a throw back as well as a transformation Tuesday pic all wrapped in one. The pic on the left I weighed 224 The pic on the right I weighed 195 I made a commitment to stop with the huge weight gains in the offseason. There was no need for all that extra weight besides, I wanted to look like a bodybuilder all the time and not just 16 weeks out if the year while prepping for a competition. I have since maintained a body weight of any where from 195- 205. Horrible lighting but you get the point. #transformation #tuesday #tbt #projectmylife #weight loss #motivation #inspiration

Brothers and sisters I have none but that man's father is my father's son. An old family riddle my grandfather used to say. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! #miafamilia #family #riddle #happy #fathersday

It's like Christmas everyday here. Luckily we have Cheech inspecting our new gear from @roguefitness #bodhibuilt #roguefitness #americanmade @thisisbodhi

It's never quick and easy, it's a road filled of trial and error, failure and eventually success. It boils down to what you are willing to do to get where you want to go. Most people surrender to what society feels is best or what others hold them to. #believe #bedifferent #entrepreneur #dream #success #bodhibuilt @thisisbodhi

Some color me rad selfie action with the team yesterday! Dream team baby! #selfie #teamradbodhi #bodhibuilt #colormerad #run #5k #jerseystrong @thisisbodhi

PROJECT MY LIFE! Find that thing in life that drives you, that's your passion. Do more of that, everyday and it will lead you to your purpose. Thanks Oprah! And @Starbucks #projectmylife #peopleinspiringpeople #life #believe #dream @thisisbodhi

Uh oh! I was caught at a crossfit competition. Will my bro bodybuilders be mad? Will my new crossfitter friends accept me? @ernspif15 Showing support to our new coach Alex as he competed in The Steelfit Championships. #crossfit #itsnotcrossfit #itsexercise #strength #conditioning #projectmylife #peopleinspiringpeople

Words will never be enough, but I scream a huge thank you to all active, non active, former, and soon to be Military! Remember why you have today off of work, and it's not just to drink and eat with friends and family. #thankyou #veterans #memorialday #military #somerville #nj #americanmade #tourofsomerville @thisisbodhi

Flash back Friday. Or #tbt Risking everything to Make 8$ / hour for @equinox fitness was the 1st thing I did right for my career. 2nd best thing is when I left to start my own business. It was not easy to build up my clientele, but oh so rewarding. Thank you for the opportunity! Oh- I just noticed that squiggly little hair on my shoulder. #needtoshave #equinox #fitness #bodhibuilt #entrepreneur #fbf #train #dream #believe @thisisbodhi

To continue with the "Feel Good Friday" I want to send out a big tall glass of go fuck yourself Friday! Ahh, that felt good. 😎 To the haters, doubters, and the ones that show little to no respect for others when being self absorbed. To the naysayers, martyrs, and the ones that feel sorry for themselves; respect is earned, and nothing in life comes without hard work, sacrifice and the willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Too much for ya? My "f" bombs too vulgar for your Virgin ears? Unfollow please. Thank you! Happy Friday! #tgif #feelgood #friday #projectmylife

Changes going on over here @thisisbodhi shout out to @roguefitness for excellent products and great customer service! #bodhibuilt #roguefitness #entrepreneur #itsnotcrossfit

Great interview last night for Applied Muscle and Application radio. One question was how do I shake off haters when trying to pursue my dreams. My response was: "there will always be people trying to knock you down or away from things that they themselves don't have the confidence or courage to go after. Believe in you and rely on your inner strengths to carry you through" #message #believe in #you #projectmylife #hatersgonnahate

Throw back to the #fitness themed episode of the newlywed game! You already know we killed it and won an all expenses paid 10 day vacation to Costa Rica. or did I spoil it for you? #powercouple #newlywedgame #projectmylife #costarica #tbt #throwbackthursday #tv #gameshow

That face you make when someone says they are doing the shake this shake that shakeology beach body diet for the third time. Create a new healthy lifestyle for yourselves not a quick fix diet. That shit don't work. But don't worry there people out there that can help. πŸ‘‰visit www.thisisbodhi.com For quality #nutrition and effective #fitness #coaching @thisisbodhi

Every day is Mother's Day! My #wcw this week goes to mamma dukes monetti! She is the rock that holds our #family together. She gave me tough #love and taught me to #neverquit. Not just on Mother's Day but everyday, this woman deserves an award! Thanks #mom ! πŸ™ #mammasboy #bestfriend

As you know I'm always rocking chucks on my feet. Flat, wide and very giving. Finding cross training sneakers has always been an issue, until this past weekend that is. Thank you @reebok for These beauties. They call them the hulk series. Let's see how incredible they make me. #itsnotcrossfit #bodhibuilt #fitness @thisisbodhi

Feel Good Friday Coach Ernie had a brilliant idea for our team workout this week. 100m row X 3 Sandwiched in between 100db burpees For time I finished last but the reality is I finish first because team work makes the dream work. And I'm living my dream. these guys push me to become better. #projectmylife #entrepreneur #bodhibuilt #itsnotcrossfit #dream #believe #selfie @thisisbodhi #thankyou

Not just another selfie. I had the chance to catch up with this guy this morning for a back workout. He's like an older brother to me. He took me under his wing when I was 18 after my first show and taught me the meaning of intensity. He also taught me the 3 D's #drive #determination #dedication The modern day scientist would consider him a bro scientist because he doesn't have a degree in exercise science or nutrition however he was was ahead of the times. He believed in common sense and balance. Carbs were always my friend and cardio was never done on an empty stomach. Overtraining? Never, just under eating. And what you now call #iifym he called it "a calorie is a calorie" so I never cut fruit, bread or dairy out of my diet. He showed me the way and convinced me there was no reason for anabolic steroids, and that I could make a career out of being a drug free bodybuilder. He kept me in check when I got cocky "Be the humble giant" he used to say. I am forever grateful for this man's presence in my life as he helped so much in creating the life I have today. Thanks Nick! The original guru! #projectmylife #sunday #selfie #bodhibuilt #humility #bodybuilding

This guy right here, wanted to make a change In his life. Ben walked into my studio with a purpose "I'M READY" he said and hasn't looked back since. Weight loss 127lbs and counting... A HUGE shoutout to my dear friend, and team mate @beecharming! #bodhibuilt #body #transformationtuesday #transformation #weightloss #projectmylife #becharming

Mondays only suck if you hate your job. And if you hate your job, find a new one if you can't find another one CREATE ONE! You are in charge of creating your own destiny! #monday #motivation #projectmylife #believe @thisisbodhi @anthonymonetti

#funny With social media nowadays everyone is an expert in weight loss, muscle building, macro this and macro that. Repost from @iwascrazydrunkwheni #bodybuilding #humor

That pre workout fuel. One donut is less carbs than a cliff bar. About to blast back and arms, but first let me slam down one of these. 😜πŸ’ͺ #flexibledieting #iifym #permanentweightloss @thisisbodhi @anthonymonetti

On my vision board. Uncle jimmy gave me a ride in this beast this morning after class. Whoa! I don't want excess in life but I sure do want to experience the finer things and that takes hard work, risk taking and big thinking! CREATE YOUR MOST FULFILLING LIFE! #ferrari #dream #projectmylife #entrepreneur @thisisbodhi