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The Project My Life with Anthony Monetti podcast is a loosely based long form conversational based radio show.

Project my life with anthony monetti podcast

You will find motivation stories along with life hacking strategies that will help you create your best quality of life.

Featured guests have included:

  • World champion bodybuilding and figure athletes
  • Best-selling authors
  • Fitness and nutrition experts
  • Film and TV directors and personalities
  • Successful entrepreneurs
  • And anyone else who has a story to share that can inspire the world.

If you have a question or would like to be a guest on the show please direct all inquiries to

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#29 Mental Health and Self Awareness

#29 John Mopper Mental Health and Self awareness Podcast blog header final2

Mental Health and Self Awareness We are back again with John Mopper from Blue Print Mental Health because last time was so good we had to do it again! John is a therapist and is the co-founder of Blue Print Mental Health which is a boutique mental health practice located in Somerville NJ. It’s amazing how… Read more »

#28 WNBF INBF Hercules bodybuilding

In this episode, Karen and Anthony review the 2018 Hercules WNBF Pro qualifying bodybuilding competition Other topics discussed: – Level of competition – The art of bodybuilding has diminished – Ian Mercer (WNBF expeditor for 30 + years) – Nicole Attkinson (INBF Figure standout) – Albert Shao (INBF Bodybuilding standout) – Clement Yearwood (WNBF Champ) –… Read more »

#27 PML A Typical Tuesday With Karen Monetti

3 morning rituals for a powerful day - thumbnail

#27 PML A Typical Tuesday With Karen Monetti When we first opened up bodhi, Karen joined the local BNI group (Business Networking International) to grow our network and spread the word about our health and wellness business. During this week’s podcast with Karen, we dove into strategies for getting shit done! Some Topics discussed: –… Read more »

Somerville Challenge 5k Run

Somerville Challenge 5k podcast -

Somerville Challenge 5k Run THIS IS SOMERVILLE’S FIRST ANNUAL OBSTACLE RACE! On today’s podcast, I was joined by Freddy Picchiello from the Somerville Rescue Squad, Karen, and Coach Christine. Turn up the volume, we were outside enjoying the beautiful NJ weather but with that comes some background noise. 🙂     Somerville Challenge 5k Run details bodhi by Anthony… Read more »

Episode #24 Michael Anthony Alago

Project My Life podcast episode #24- Michael Anthony Alago

Episode #24 – Project My Life Michael Anthony Alago   In addition to discovering Metallica, Michael Anthony Alago has accumulated a roster that includes such diverse artists as Michael Feinstein, Johnny Rotten, White Zombie and Nina Simone to name a few. A seminal producer and talent scout for nearly 20 years, Michael Alago has become a… Read more »


project my life chris barakat youtube thumbnail

Christopher Barakat owner of joins me on today’s project My Life Podcast. Chris holds a bachelors degree in Athletic Training with a masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition from the University of Tampa. He is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition and is currently a champion natural… Read more »


Project My life podcast CHRIS ELKINS

Chris Elkins owner of joins me on today’s Project My Life Podcast. I met Chris briefly back in 2015 when I was one of the judges at the WNBF Naturalmania where he earned his pro card. I thought he was a junior (20-24 Yrs old), turns out Chris is actually 32 years old and has… Read more »


020 Project My Life Garrett Nann

Garrett Nann from Pop Advertising agency in Somerville NJ joins me on this episode of The Project My Life podcast. Garett Nann is a partner in the Pop Advertising Agency which is a “leading New Jersey Marketing & Printing Company specializing in strategic, advanced marketing initiatives that grow clients’ businesses.” – Garrett likes to drop in from time to… Read more »