Chris Elkins owner of joins me on today’s Project My Life Podcast. I met Chris briefly back in 2015 when I was one of the judges at the WNBF Naturalmania where he earned his pro card. I thought he was a junior (20-24 Yrs old), turns out Chris is actually 32 years old and has great genetics!

With over 200,100 followers on Instagram Chris has become a social media monster and recently left his full-time sales gig to pursue the world of entrepreneurship. Chris teamed up with Christopher Barakat earlier this year to develop his latest bodybuilding training program titled Max Hype Training.

With more freedom than ever, Chris has found a nice balance of work, family, and training while still available for taking on more clients.

A few Topics discussed:

  • Natural bodybuilding
  • Pokemon Go and how one meme went viral causing him to skyrocket his social media presence and business
  • Taking risks and becoming an entrepreneur
  • Countless shirtless selfies

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