In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Dr. Gene Oneill Chiropractor for wellness.

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Watch the full Project My Life Dr. Gene Oneill podcast

I have a strong belief in chiropractic care. Here’s a quick backstory of my history of chiropractic care.

On October 20, 1962, my mother delivered a beautiful baby boy named Philip Monetti Junior. My dad went home to tell everyone the big news and to buy cigars to celebrate!

After arriving back at the hospital excited about his new baby boy, the nurse meets my dad in the hallway and says ” your baby expired”.

My parents (Tony and Joann) had planned on having a large family, and I’m sure you can assume this came as a complete shock!

A year my brother Philip Monetti III was born, healthy. My parents had regained hope for their large family, so they began to build again.

Years later after 2 miscarriages and a stillborn baby, the doctors explained, that they may never have any more children. Thankfully, my parents were determined and continued to practice baby making. 😅

My grandmother (Nee Nee) on my dad’s side had multiple sclerosis and had been seeing a chiropractor for years at this point. With a strong belief in chiropractic care, Nee Nee as I called her recommended my mom get adjusted.

Fourteen years and, three months later momma Monetti was pregnant again with another healthy baby boy – Anthony! That’s me! 🤗

The spine is the first to develop after conception and is the foundation of every system in our body.

Topics Discussed include:

  • Health care vs Disease management
  • “Five Fingers of health”
  • The nerve system
  • Health – defined

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