Kraska and Pearson run for Somerville Council 2017 – episode #26

I am not a Republican nor a Democrat, In fact, I dislike engaging in any “politics”.

I just like to support down to earth people who genuinely care about the town in which I live in and the community in which we build bodhi.

When I mentioned to  Mayor Brian Gallagher that I wanted to organize and promote a 5k obstacle course run through Somerville, with proceeds going to the all-volunteer rescue squad he was super excited. Mr. Gallagher then set up a meeting for us to discuss the details and invited Jason Kraska as he was a councilman and represented the Somerville Recreation Department.

Selflessly offering time, knowledge, and guidance Jason helped make the first Somerville Challenge 5k a huge success! In fact, Jason was with us at 4:30a on race day setting up obstacles and picking up supplies all before he ran the race as a participant later on that morning.

I just liked the dude’s energy, he’s one of the good guys.

As I said earlier, I’m not into politics, so I wanted to pick Jason’s brain a bit to see what exactly a councilman does and how I could help him broadcast his message.

Last week, Jason Kraska and Jennifer Pearson sat down with Karen and me last week to discuss their beliefs and love for the Somerville NJ community.

Kraska Pearson run for Somerville Council 2017

Kraska Pearson run for Somerville Council 2017

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