Mental Health and Self Awareness

We are back again with John Mopper from Blue Print Mental Health because last time was so good we had to do it again! John is a therapist and is the co-founder of Blue Print Mental Health which is a boutique mental health practice located in Somerville NJ.

It’s amazing how life comes full circle. Back in the early 2000s, John Mopper was a General Manager for L.A. Fitness in Toms River NJ. This gym is where my trainer Nick Depalma (coach during my MTV True Life episode) and I trained for many years. But, it wasn’t until John walked into bodhi a few years ago asking for help with his personal fitness journey that we really got to know each other.

Obviously, there are many overlaps in our businesses. When looking to create your best quality of life, we preach the importance of mindset. Being aware and understanding your emotions is the first step in figuring out what you want and truly need to improve your life.

Topics we discussed include:

  • Blueprint Mental Health business expansion
  • LA Fitness was the worst job John had
  • Anthony’s 20 min workout plan for building muscle
  • Celebrity suicide
  • Bullying in the “snowflake” generation
  • Anthony’s upbringing with tough love
  • Being Happy vs being content
  • Being vulnerable
  • Being your unapologetically authentic self
  • Overcoming depression

Links from the John Mopper Blueprint Mental Health podcast #29



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