018 Project My Life – BJ Gaddour


BJ Gaddour is not only passionate about fitness and helping others, he is also a natural born entrepreneur. In this podcast, BJ explains how he dealt with a failing business and how he transformed from a fat kid to a Men’s health cover model. His latest project  thedailybj.com (brilliant marketing) is all about shredding fat and muscle gains.

BJ Gaddour - Fat guy turned Men's Health cover model

BJ Gaddour – Fat guy turned Men’s Health cover model

I met BJ virtually through social media but had known about him for years. To be honest, I experienced a boost in confidence and got fired up when BJ begin following me on Instagram. At the time BJ was the Digital Fitness Director for Men’s Health magazine and I was a bit surprised he remembered me from my MTV days and wanted to connect on a professional level.

We had some much fun with this podcast, we talked for almost 2 hours!

Here is the Project My Life BJ Gaddour podcast on youtube:

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