Garrett Nann from Pop Advertising agency in Somerville NJ joins me on this episode of The Project My Life podcast.

Garett Nann is a partner in the Pop Advertising Agency which is a “leading New Jersey Marketing & Printing Company specializing in strategic, advanced marketing initiatives that grow clients’ businesses.” –
Garrett likes to drop in from time to time and to share his knowledge and expertise with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing and well as Facebook ads that drive attention directly to your business. He also has been know to drop a few pounds of fat off at bodhi. 🙂
Garret had helped us outline a plan to increase sales using his latest business focus – Facebook Ads. Step by Step he has begun to show us just how to use social media effectively as a marketing tool. Garrett is a super chill dude with a bunch of knowledge to share, we will be making this a monthly segment on The Project My Life Podcast and I like the name “building the brand”, that may change though.


A few Topics discussed:

  • The psychology behind targeted Facebook ads
  • The Sales Funnel process without initially selling
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Lead generation

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