I met Karl back in 2013 when he came in to bodhi to learn more about how we can lose weight and get healthy. I’m certain his wife made the appointment for him and not sure if he was really into the whole body transformation commitment.

I over heard “I’m a film maker” as Karen asked what Karl did for a living, obviously, my ears tuned in. After chatting for a bit about his background, I suggested we grab a bite to eat with our ladies for a double date.

Karl’s passion for movies and film making was evident, we talked for hours about the industry and his latest project Freeman Velocity. Of course, I eagerly shared my project my life concept in hopes he would be interested in helping me create a documentary or a series of documentaries, or a podcast or a… to be honest, I had not fucking idea what I wanted it to be because it has many directions it could take, but where do I start?

Karl agreed to coach me through some mind mapping to figure out why Project My Life exists and later joined the team over at bodhi to assist with our marketing.

As for Freeman Velocity, Karl was so inspired and impressed with my acting skills, artistic abilities, good looks and experience in the industry that he fired his lead guy and pleaded for my appearance. Not true at all, however I gratefully accepted the role of the big, hairy, non speaking villain which turns out to be the opening scene AND, the crews favorite day of filling. I like to think it was because of me.

Some of the topics we discus:

  • Happiness, and discovering your passion.
  • Struggles of making movies
  • building a team to commit
  • Egos < Passion
  • Self produced film making through crowd funding
  • Its all about why films need to be made
  • Inspired by humanity
  • “Work” is not an excuse to not work out
  • How he will raise his next 750k
  • Short and Feature Film(S)
    • Poor Earl
    • Freeman Velocity
    • Disarray Days
  • Lucky Elephant Films
  • rapid fire
    • How is your nutrition?
    • On a scale of 1-10 how was my performance in Freeman Velocity?
    • Your best tip for someone like myself who is looking to increase experience as an actor/media personality and grow their brand?
    • Most valuable lesson learned from the development of building your own business
    • Favorite book recommendations?
    • Next on your bucket list?
    • If today was your last day on earth, what would you say to your fans/followers?
    • How can we keep up with [Karl Ryan and Lucky Elephant Films]? Social media, etc;

Links from the show:

Freeman Velocity – https://vimeo.com/94091874

Poor Earl – https://vimeo.com/57985271

A Place to Call Home – https://vimeo.com/41290842



Book Recommendations:

Save The Cat – Blake Snyder

 , ,