My mission is to unlock my ultimate life potential, and inspire you to do the same. Because life is either taken for granted or appreciated and fulfilled, your choice. I have been addicted to exercise since the age of 9 and built my body and mind by overcoming obstacles and divorcing insecurities. My vision is to produce some entertaining, educating and life changing media.

Bodybuilding and Business make up a majority of my life. Merging the two together with another passion of mine, storytelling. I like to talk, so a podcast seemed to be a great idea.

What you could expect to hear on this show; Successful Entrepreneurs, Bodybuilding and fitness professionals, strength coaches, film makers, film directors, actors and any other movers and shakers I feel like shooting the shit with.

Let’s call this podcast a long form conversation that brings inspiration, entertainment and life changing media. Like, share and subscribe if you would be so kind.

I’m Anthony Monetti and this is project my life.