On today’s Project My Life podcast we meet Ray, the owner, and CEO of Digmi lifestyle apparel.

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Ray is a former pro baseball player and explains his vision for the Digmi brand. Ray believes in growing the Digmi lifestyle apparel organically while not giving in to the pressures of a national brand. His passion for entrepreneurship stems from a 14-year career in the pro baseball ranks.

The guys used to say Yo DIGMI and at first, I thought they didn’t like me

When Ray realized the other players were recognizing his sharp style and his attention to detail, he became inspired to create the DIGMI Lifestyle apparel. Ray, like many other self-starting entrepreneurs, was faced with many obstacles throughout his career and wants the world to #livedreambe.

I can relate, at bodhi we believe everyone has the ability to look and feel their ultimate best self and by believing in themselves, trusting the process and practicing patience they can also live, dream and be!

Ray’s story is very unique and even his #guyinthetie logo of a gentleman tipping his cap resembles respecting other dreamers!

Ray shared many more cool stories about how Ray came up with the logo, taglines and how he plans on going national with the Digmi Lifestyle Apparel in this project my life with Anthony Monetti podcast!

Watch the full Digmi Lifestyle Apparel podcast

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