In 2002 I grabbed my mom’s 8mm camera and began filming my journey toward becoming a media personality. Being on television was a dream of mine and with no manager, agent representation or experience in the industry I knew I needed something that would set me a part with casting directors. I decided to create an experience in NYC that would allow me the opportunity to show network reps I have what it takes to be a celebrity. Ballsy move I know, but it worked and Mtv gave me an featured me on True Life I want the perfect body in 2003. At this point, I realized two actually three things; I loved being in front of the camera just as much as I loved being behind the camera and I was good at both.

So, here we are in 2014 and everyone has their own show. Everyone is an expert in something and they all something to say. Now, I want to speak and if you are willing to listen, thank you! But beware, some random shit comes through my brain traffic and I usually feel inspired to share it with you. I speak form the heart and with no filter so if you are offended easily, I won’t be offended if you do not listen. I am a World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) Professional Bodybuilder, self-educated Entrepreneur, big thinker and ballsy risk taker.

My mission is to unlock my ultimate life potential, and inspire you to do the same. Because life is either taken for granted or appreciated and fulfilled, your choice. I have been addicted to exercise since the age of 9 and built my body and mind by overcoming obstacles and divorcing insecurities. My vision is to produce some entertaining, educating and life changing media.

The Anthony Monetti Project. Coming soon.




And this is my first blog post.