Christopher Barakat owner of joins me on today’s project My Life Podcast.

Chris holds a bachelors degree in Athletic Training with a masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition from the University of Tampa. He is also a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition and is currently a champion natural bodybuilding in the INBF with hopes of becoming a WNBF Professional one day.

I met Chris Barakat for the first time back in 20110 at the INBF Long Island Experience hosted by Phil Sottile. I was one of the judges that day and we during the competitors meeting Chris seemed like a quiet, well mannered young man.

When it came to the actual pre judging portion of the competition Chris walked out on the stage and I was very impressed with his physique for a 19-year-old. He presented a well balanced, symmetrical physique and displayed a great amount of poise. Chris’s passion for competitive bodybuilding was evident.

I later found out that Chris had done his training and nutrition by himself in preparation for this competition, he basically trained himself. He did mention he referenced quite a bit of information from Alberto Nunez and Jeff Alberts from 3DMJ.

My relationship with Chris strengthened when he came out to bodhi in Somerville NJ, for a private posing session in preparation for the INBF Northeast America in 2013. Chris ended up winning the open light weight division that year and narrowly missed the overall and WNBF pro card.

Chris has since started his own business Competitive Breed LLC where he coaches athletes with their physique competitions and has recently launched his latest bodybuilding training program with Chris Elkins named Max Hype Training. You can grab a copy over here.

Project My Life Christopher Barakat podcast

Project My Life Christopher Barakat podcast

Chris’s most recent accomplishments are:

2017 NPC Tampa Bay Classic -1st place Open Light weight, 1st place Classic Physique

2017 INBF Hercules – 2nd place Open Light Weight

2017 INBF Muscle Mayhem – 2nd place Open Light Weight

A few topics discussed on the show:

  • Beginner vs. Advanced training
  • Young Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific theory vs. Practical application
  • Legion supplements
  • Max Hype Training

Links From the show:

We will be doing another podcast about nutrition and more hot topics in the new age bodybuilding world, so here is part 1 of the  Project My Life Christopher Barakat podcast.

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