#28 WNBF INBF Hercules bodybuilding

In this episode, Karen and Anthony review the 2018 Hercules WNBF Pro qualifying bodybuilding competition

Other topics discussed:

– Level of competition
– The art of bodybuilding has diminished
– Ian Mercer (WNBF expeditor for 30 + years)
– Nicole Attkinson (INBF Figure standout)
– Albert Shao (INBF Bodybuilding standout)
– Clement Yearwood (WNBF Champ)
– Anthony suggests taking breaks from competing
– Competitive athletes vs competitors
– Row to Rescue fundraiser event (bodhi sponsored)
– INBF Northeast America (inbfneamerica.com)
– Erik Renninger (thewebmastere.com)

Links from show:

This show sponsored by Performance Rehabilitation Watchung NJ – http://www.performancerehabnj.com/


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