When your life gets crazy and shit hits the fan, and it will eventually there are only a few things you can control in order to keep your life moving in a positive direction.

Can’t believe I’m about to say this right now but I have committed myself to being transparent and honest with you guys.

Let’s go back to 2010 for a moment, I had left Equinox and began living the dream of having my own health and fitness studio. Karen and I were only open for a few short months and things were moving and shaking, after 6 months of pinching pennies and renovations.

Besides a local business, a dream of mine since I began competing in bodybuilding was to promote a bodybuilding competition. As a competitor myself, and being at enough competitions I knew what kind of experience I wanted to produce for the athletes. So, on top of our new studio, Karen and I decided to promote our first WNBF Pro qualifying bodybuilding and figure competition.

Along with the competition, another way to help the athletes prepare was to host posing workshops, so as an expert in the field we host our very first posing clinic. Exciting!

On Saturday morning, Karen has all the handouts in hand and we are fired up to begin our entrepreneurial journey with another business opportunity we have created.

As we walk out of our studio apartment, we heading in the parking lot and realize we had parked in a different spot than normal. So, we walk to another place we sometimes park when streets are crowded.

No car. Our Scion XB was no where in site! WTF! Someone stole our car!?

After a frantic call to the Somerville Police station, “Hi Mr Monetti your car has been repossessed and you can call this number to retrieve it”

Needless to say, our super high came to a crashing halt. Our enthusiasm for business and helping others with their bodybuilding journey was instantly take from away like a phantom in the night.

We could have turned away and went back to bed, canceling our seminar and all of our dreams of business development.

It wasn’t easy but I decided to swallow some pride and regroup.

With a bit of convincing I preached to Karen the importance of believing in ourselves, our vision and mission to create a community for the folks who needed our support and encouragement.

I have learned that life can throw some curve balls at you, and if you are anything like me you will stay determined and focus on the only 3 things you can control.

  • Your thoughts
  • Your Nutrition, (the food you put in your mouth)
  • Your physical fitness

Now for some bragging, As of this month our members have voted us The Best Of The Best Health and Fitness club in Somerset County. Pretty awesome, and if we didn’t believe, trust and practice patience we would have never had the opportunity to touch so many lives.

Thank you for reading, thank you for believing and thank you for the opportunity to live out our dreams of inspiring others to create their most fulfilling life.

To hear a few of our members speak about their inspirational journey head over to projectmylife.com