Let me begin by saying, I am the furthest thing from a doctor or any kind of medical practitioner. My little messages should not be taken as medical advice, of course you should watch, like, share, and be entertained but please see a doctor for any treatment of any disease or health concerns.

That’s your disclaimer.

Now, let’s talk about some misconceptions.

I am shocked to hear some people still say, “I do crunches all of the time but I can’t seem to lose this belly fat”

or “No matter what I do for my chest, I still have these ugly ass man boobs”

Gentlemen, there is no such thing as turning fat into muscle. Two different things, WAAAAY different. You must lose the stored body fat in order to see your hard earned muscle. No 2 ways about it.

However, I have outlined a simple 5 step process for you to follow to begin your transformation process. check it out.

  • Write down every single piece of food or beverage you put into your mouth for 14 days.
  • Add up each day and sum up the 14 days together, then divide by 14.
  • Weigh yourself on Day one, Day seven, and again on Day fourteen.
  • Add up each weight and divide by 3.
  • Reduce your total calories by 500 each day

How about an example?

Bobby man boobs tracks his food for 14 days and it looks like this:

Day 1 – 4,500 calories

Day 2 – 4,300 calories

Day 3 – 5,110 calories

Day 4 – 3,500 calories

Day 5 – 6,000 calories

Day 6 – 4,500 calories

Day 7 – 5,110 calories

Day 8 – 4,500 calories

Day 9 – 4,300 calories

Day 10 – 5,110 calories

Day 11 – 3,500 calories

Day 12 – 6,000 calories

Day 13 – 4,500 calories

Day 14 – 5,110 calories

We would add up all of these numbers and get this: 66,040

then we would divide by 14 days to get an average of: 4,717

your three weigh ins are done the same way:

Day 1 weight: 250

Day 2 weight: 252

Day 3 weight: 251

add em up, divide by 3 and we get 251.

So Bobby man boobs eats an average of 4,717 calories to maintain his fluffy frame of 251.

If Bobby would reduce his daily caloric intake by 500 each day, he would lose one pound of stored body fat a day. Given the fact he does nothing else besides control his food portions.

Still with me?

If you are accurate with your tracking and number counting, this will leave you with a 1lb. weight loss per week. And if that isn’t fast enough weight loss for you, you could add some high intense interval training into your training program 3-5 days per week. This is of course assuming you are doing some sort of weigh training or bodybuilding program.

Of course, while nutrition is a main ingredient for weight loss you must be hitting that chest with intense workouts as well.

I have much more I would like to add to this, so if you are an info junkie who wants to learn how I built my super hero like physique, be sure to sign up for my soon to be online body transformation program.

here’s to no more man boobs,

Anthony Monetti