How one slip up can ruin your chances of success.

This is true Life I want the Perfect body.


Well, perfection used to be my obsession.

Perfect body, perfect business, perfect this or that.

No such thing.

This search for perfect anything only leads to a case of the fukits.

One overeating meal, one shitty workout, one failure or mistake can easily become your worst enemy with the perfection mentality.

Seek progress, not perfection.

I can remember numerous times stepping off stage with a less than stellar placing and being in a negative mindset because I didn’t win and blowing my 24 weeks of hard work with this “fukit” mentality.

One example I talk about is during the filming of my appearance on Mtv’s True Life I want the Perfect Body.

I competed in a competition 3 weeks before the competition that was aired on national television. I wanted to use this as a “prep” and I knew I wasn’t in peak condition but I thought it would be a great idea to get my nerves out of the way.

I placed 3rd.

not perfect.

So I said fukit, and had a “relaxed” weekend of eating. Hell, it was a binge. I was depressed and filled with failure and now unnecessary foods that left me bloated and even more depressed. Luckily I had a great mentor “the original bodybuilding guru” Nick Depalma who talked me out off the ledge and insisted I stopped feeling bad for myself.

We regrouped and I had to drastically cut my calories, and increased my cardio to 2 a days. I rebounded and got the extra fat out of my system. Not before damaging my metabolism and ego.

And as ironic as it is, I placed 3rd again. Now, on national television. Deal with it Monetti!

It wasn’t perfect, neither is your body or your process. But you adapted. You got stronger and more connected to what really matter; the lessons learned throughout the journey.

Stay focused on what matters folks, and avoid that fukit mentality. It could save your ego AND metabolism.

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