Please accept my apologies.

Yesterday I posted a article about a few bodybuilding misconceptions and how I struggled with perfectionism and extremism.

It related to nutrition and focused on flexible dieting, IIFYM, and I explained how I used this to maintain my year long 5% body fat level.

Some of the folks who read it commented and asked me to verify this and show what “my 5% body fat” looks like.

This morning I had to back this up. So I asked coach Rocco to do a quick 3 point caliper testing using the Jackson/Pollock method.

I was 5.47 % as of 8:30a this morning.

Please accept my apology for this false claim of 5%.

Now, this is not the most accurate way to test body fat. There are studies that show hydrostatic testing as being the most accurate with a newer method being a close second, called the Bod Pod.

Up there with accuracy is the caliper testing, as it is quick and cost efficient. Some wiggle room of course is also thrown in there, with tester accuracy, time of day etc.

Other details and the measurements that lead us to this reading are:

  • My age – 38
  • weight – 195
  • chest – 2
  • abdominal- 8
  • thigh- 6

we used this website to input all of the info –

Thank you all for reading and pushing me to maintain my integrity with my bold claim. To watch the body fat testing that took place this morning jump over here to my youtube channel ->

And be sure to send me your questions over at so I can answer with a video.

– Anthony