Some of you have seen this.

Some of you have asked about it.

And with my recent social media blitz attack I figured I would upload this for your viewing.

It also ties very nicely into:

A. Woman crush Wednesday #WCW

B. Throw back Thursday #tbt

We began our journey 12 years ago with a good night kiss.

I told her during a hot tub soaking one night “you will leave here one night with a good night kiss and your life will never be the same”

I had that warm and fuzzy feeling and I knew she was the one.

My life is full of crazy moments, some lows with many “highs” (no pun intended)

and I would not have accomplished what we have today if it wasn’t for her support, encouragement, and her selfless acts of kindness.

Not to mention her life savings when we opened up Bodhi by anthony monetti. 🙂

Life gets crazy at times and too much of our times are spent on worrying about this or that. The small things we over look sometimes are the times that are most valuable at the end of the day, or life for that matter.

We have each other.

Sometimes, we over look this when searching for the money, house, car or financial freedom.

It’t not easy.

Have you ever tried to open, run and build a business with your significant other?

Yeah, not that easy to maintain and grow an intimate relationship when you are with each other constantly.

Our work sometimes spills over into our home life. It gets blurry.

Are you my boss? Are you my business partner? Are you my wife? My Husband? My life partner?


I do my best to live up to her expectations of me as a husband, and sometimes I fail. I fall short of looking at the things that really matter. I have a wonderful lady in my life who loves me and cares for me.

One thing I always keep in mind:

Anthony Loves Karen.

If you haven’t seen our appearance on the Newlywed Game, check it out over on my youtube channel here —>

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