I’m Anthony Monetti and this is project my life.

I describe project my life as a relentless pursuit to live life on my terms and ultimately create my best self, in hopes to inspire you to create your best life.

Just do what you want! Although it sounds simple, it’s not easy. Life is constantly throwing curveballs and unexpected plot twists your way.

That’s where the fun begins and the magic happens. The overcoming obstacles, creating opportunities and building unshakable confidence kind of magical fun.

How do you create your best life?

Well, I’ve always been a dreamer and I believe the first action step to take in order to create your best life is to dream it or “act as if” you were already there.

And when I say “act” I literally mean imagine yourself as the lead character in your own movie. If a documentary were to be made about your life, think of how would you as the lead character navigate through life.

How would you act?

What would you say?

What would you wear?

Who would you hang out with?

How would you want it to end?

Control the controllable.

As I mentioned earlier, there are many things in life you can not control, but keep in mind the one thing you are ultimately in control of is your thoughts. Building upon that, thoughts become actions, actions become habits and habits create a lifestyle.

In 2001 when the historic tragedy of 911 shocked the world,  I was working in a hazardous 9-5 (actually 11-7) in a steel beam manufacturing facility. I knew I had more to offer the world and more I wanted from my life. (More on Dietrich Metal Framing company in vlogs to come, be sure to subscribe for updates)

When realizing school wasn’t for me early on, and after many hours of self-reflecting, I became aware of my best attributes and where I wanted to focus my attention.

In 2002 I began documenting my journey to become a “media personality”. I wasn’t sure where I would end up but I wanted MTV as my first stop. The MTV reality tv show Real World was popular and it gave real people a chance to be themselves on camera in front of millions, that was my initial inspiration.

Letting my guard down and being my authentic self while sharing my story came easily to me, and very freeing. It was then, I became passionate about storytelling and my personality was the driver or “lead character”.

And that’s a quick backstory on the project my life – the documentary. I have since appeared on  MTV True Life I want the perfect body (more on this to follow) and other syndicated television shows numerous times including The Newlywed Game (with my beautiful wife) Fox 5 News but I’m more excited to once again create something of my own.

Here’s the project my life vlog episode 1, a brand new beginning.

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