I had big balls, but I was a p***y.

It’s been a week now since my surgery.

Last Tuesday I had a bi Lateral Hydrocelectomy, a procedure that was way over due.

For those who are unaware of what this is, a Hydrocelectomy its the process of eliminating the extra fluid buildup in the membrane surrounding the testes.

Big balls.

I discovered the big ball back in 2009 while using the bathroom. At first, I thought cancer. Not because of anything other than pure ignorance. No recent trauma other than a groin pull earlier in the year, could they be related?

Either way Karen and I agreed it was time to get checked out.

No pain, no issues with sex, urination, ejaculation, at all.

I was a big p***y. Pussy being cowardly.

Maybe because it was my treasured area of sex, reproduction, testosterone, you know the roots of a man.

Maybe because I was scared of hearing bad news about my swollen testicle.

Either way, I was reluctant to get an ultrasound but had it done anyway.

After a worrisome 4 days, I had a hydrocele. No cancer or anything other than extra fluid in the membrane surrounding the testes.

Could be an overproduction of or a draining issue but the extra fluid had no harm other than some possible uncomfortableness in jeans.

Therefore, I wasn’t about to go under the knife if I didn’t have to. I trained, and competed with no issues.

Karen says in 2012 she really noticed “it” gaining size. I have to agree, it wasn’t only my testicle but the fluid began filling up to what now looked like a lump on the lower section of my abdominals. Resembling an inguinal hernia.

To be honest, my training hasn’t been nearly intense as it should be if I want to compete in 2016 with improvements.

“Stop being a pussy, get that thing taken care of” says Karen.

Sort of, she hates the p word but she was definitely pressuring me to get my issue taken care of.

Doc says they drained 2.2 lbs of fluid, damn.

So I sit here with a big bag of ice on my almost normal size balls and write this post. Not sure if I covered everything, but I am certain you will have questions and I can only imagine what comments will follow this.

Links you may find of interest:

– Karen shares some secrets about my big balls, hilarious stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPjGAMr2TYs

– My last full body workout before surgery with some funny ass comments from my wife and fellow franfenballs bro; Rocco. http://youtu.be/e6yH2_1e27I

– Not mine! but an actual Bilateral Hydrocelectomy procedure. WARNING. some pretty graphic stuff here with blood and bodily fluids. Awesome if you are an anatomy geek and appreciate graphic shit. You were warned. http://youtu.be/X0bhkfpvUqs

– My rockstar Urologist who made me feel as comfortble as possible while having my testicles spliced open and drained. For real though, this guy is one of best. http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-anthony-vasselli-269lk

Go get checked, and don’t be a pussy. If I would have known that the process was this easy I would have done it way earlier.

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