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Steven “Cheech” Chiocchi and Kyle Marino founders of Cheech’s Own coffee company A powerful takeaway message to the high school kids graduating this year and think they have to go to college to get a “real job”. You don’t. But you must be willing to risk it all, lose it all and persevere even when… Read more »

*UPDATE* 30 day mini cut week 4

30-day mini cut Week 1 (January 16-22) macro goals – protein 250 / carbs 225 / fat 75-90 The first week of the 30-day mini cut is complete and I am 90% proud of myself. That last 10% though, is where it counts most.That’s that full commitment we talk about. Go all in, or not… Read more »


I HAD BIG BALLS I had big balls, but I was a p***y. It’s been a week now since my surgery. Last Tuesday I had a bi Lateral Hydrocelectomy, a procedure that was way over due. For those who are unaware of what this is, a Hydrocelectomy its the process of eliminating the extra fluid… Read more »