Bodybuilding for me started off from vanity but quickly became my drug of choice to fix depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness.

I knew early on by age 16 that I was going to be a competitive bodybuilder. With big dreams of becoming a highly respected and admired face (and physique) in the industry, I began my journey.

I’m not done with competing just yet, in fact, I’m just getting back in the game after 13 weeks off from training due to my torn right bicep. But the thing I’m most grateful for is the person I’ve become from the challenges of building my body.

I’ve learned to set goals and to work toward them using discipline and structure which I’ve since applied to every area of my life. In this episode, I talk about how bodybuilding has impacted my life and the amazing opportunities that I’ve attracted from it.

When you stay focused on your goals and becoming the best version of yourself you aren’t waiting for praise or acknowledgment but when it happens it’s a damn good feeling!

Topics Discussed in this Project My Life episode 3:

believe in yourself.
trust the process.
practice patience.

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