Bodybuilding – My Drug of Choice Project My Life Episode 3

Anthony Monetti project my life episode 3

Bodybuilding for me started off from vanity but quickly became my drug of choice to fix depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness. I knew early on by age 16 that I was going to be a competitive bodybuilder. With big dreams of becoming a highly respected and admired face (and physique) in the industry, I began… Read more »


What is the one thing successful people do to become successful? Successful people figure shit out. Often times, they do not have the answers right away but find a way. I’ve said it before, I have more balls than brains and although I love building strategies and finding solutions sometimes all it takes is some… Read more »

Cheechs Own Coffee Company

Cheechs Own Coffee Company

Steven “Cheech” Chiocchi and Kyle Marino founders of Cheech’s Own coffee company A powerful takeaway message to the high school kids graduating this year and think they have to go to college to get a “real job”. You don’t. But you must be willing to risk it all, lose it all and persevere even when… Read more »

150 lb weight loss journey

150 lb weight loss journey I talk about life being like this ongoing project where we are constantly working toward a better quality of life. It’s a relentless pursuit for personal development. We are constantly faced with with either obstacles or opportunities depending on how you see it. I met Quinn back in 2012 way… Read more »