First, I want to thank all of you for the mind boggling response to my recent resurfacing of video creation and uploading.

I didn’t think you guys still wanted to hear what I had to say.

That’s my own issue, and I will touch upon the lapse in content production and on-air camera time at a later date.

For now, lets chat bodybuilding and how you can look like a bodybuilder all year long.

I struggled with this for many years because of my perfectionism mentality and bro thinking.

I can only eat chicken, broccoli, vegetables. Sometimes fruit but only up until a week before a competition. And, I need to bring tupperware filled meals and or a scale around with me all of the time to measure my food because an extra gram of this or that will diminish my abs and prevent me from winning my next competition.

I mean, for a bro I had the most forward thinking bodybuilding guru as my mentor. We can call him the Original Bodybuilding Guru. I have spoke about him before but Nick really put things in perspective for me early on in my career.

My first show consisted of:

  • Fasted cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before high school. – Bull shit.
  • 6 workouts per week focusing on one body part per day – Bullshit
  • 1 met-rx meal replacement shake a day after my evening workout. – Bullshit.
  • 6 meals per day consisting of one dried up chicken breast with one small dried up baked potato. – Bullshit

The original bodybuilding guru’s mentality was a calorie is a calorie. “Dude, switch out your dried up baked potato for a small portioned sized cup of frozen yogurt, it’s all the same” He used to say. This is now the most overused and branded IIFYM or “If it fits your macros” diet. We should have copyrighted that shit 15 years ago.

It took me a while to believe this but I trusted him, so I worked on replacing dried tasteless foods with some feel good “treats”.

My physique in fact looked better and my workouts were more powerful because I wanted to work out, and got excited for my next meal. I felt more human, mentally and emotionally.

“Flexible dieting” is how we refer to this style of dieting nowadays.

It helps you maintain your lean physique all year long. In fact its how I have been maintaining my 5% body fat for the last 3 years without stepping on stage for a competitive bodybuilding event.

This may trip up a few of the concrete headed bros out there. It’s not hardcore to eat ice cream or pizza or your favorite cheesecake prepared by mom. Right? Wrong!

Now, I’m not saying you should only eat crap processed foods. Because when we dive deeper into the micro nutrients we need for optimal health and workout capacity, we must make quality foods our foundation. You are what you eat.

Moderation is key. As pops Monetti used to say.

The extremists out there will short circuit from reading this post, but as a former extremist, perfectionist and obsessive compulsive meathead I am living proof that if you create a more realistic “dieting” approach you will not only look like a bodybuilder but you can maintain your super hero like physique all year long.

Hope this helps.

Anthony Monetti

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