30-day mini cut
Week 1 (January 16-22)
macro goals – protein 250 / carbs 225 / fat 75-90

The first week of the 30-day mini cut is complete and I am 90% proud of myself. That last 10% though, is where it counts most.That’s that full commitment we talk about. Go all in, or not at all.

I have been more aware of my food portions and have calculated 90% of my daily intake. There were a few times when I grabbed a few extra (handfuls of nuts) or slipped in an extra piece of dark chocolate before bed. Actually, now that I think about it, there may have been a few times I grabbed a mouthful (or three) of ice cream before closing the fridge door.


I did lose 3.1lbs this week, which is most likely just glycogen at this point. On a more promising note, this is the first stage of losing body fat. First, we run through all of them glycogen stores in the liver, then all them muscles get depleted as well. Then, and only then do we use that stored body fat for energy. Next stop, fat loss.

And you already know, I got my exercise on. I had a great week of fun filled muscle ripping workouts, here’s what the first week of training looked like. Follow them links for some instagram muscle visuals.

Pay attention. Take notes.


DAY 1:
Weight – 219.4
Training- Back/Traps/Hamstrings/Calves

Shoulder mobility
Bilateral cable row (low row – exaggerated forward hip hinge) 3×20/15/12
Cable Rope pullover 3×15

CG T- Bar row 4×20/12/10/10
Hammer strength Low Row (trap contraction, then high pull elbows up, squeeze)
SLDL 3×15/10/8
Unilateral hamstring curl 3×15
Standing calve raise 3×20/10/10 with 2-second hold at top

DAY 2:
Weight 216
Cardio only – Fasted

Treadmill “sprints”
3x1min work /1 min rest (speed 9.5 / incline 1%)
3×30 sec work / 30 sec rest (speed 9.5 mph / incline 1%)
3×30 sec work / 30 sec rest (speed 11 mph / incline 1%)

10 min step mill (level 7, NO HANDS)

DAY 3:
Weight – 216
Training- Quads/Hamstrings

ankle mobility (knees to wall 1×20 each)
Step mill 5 min (level 5)
Downward dog
3 point plank with hip flexion
pigeon stretch
child’s pose

Hanging knee raise 3×20
Lying hamstring curl 3×20/15/12

Rear elevated split squat 3×20/15/12
Rear elevated split deadlift 3×15
Leg press 4×20/12/12/10

Unilateral cable hip flexion 2×15/12
Adductor machine 2×15

DAY 4:
Weight – 213.5
Training – *Should have been a rest day but I wanted to get some blood flow and a quick flex and pump on. 🙂

Foam roll upper back lats
Scarecrow 2×10 (shoulder health)
Jump rope 5 min

Push press worked up to 4×8 @195
Dips 2×20
Gator slides 2×10 each  (IG link)

Unilateral Cable Tricep kickbacks 3×20/15/12
Unilateral Cable curls – 3×20/15/12

DAY 5:
weight – 213.4
training – Back / Calves

Banded lay Stretch
Rope pullover with crunch 3 ways
Low back extensions

Wide grip cable pullovers 4×20/15/12/10
NG Pulldowns to head 4×12

Cable rear fly 3×20/15/12
WG cable rows 3×14/12/12

Rack pulls 2×12/10

Unilateral seated calve raise 2×15

DAY 6:
Weight – no weigh in
Training – Deadlift work / Metabolic Conditioning

foam roll mobility work

KB swings 2×25
KB getups 2×2 each

Sumo DL – worked up to a 405 for 5×5

Finisher 1:
EMOM – 10
Sumo DL x 3
Burpee over bar 4

Finisher 2:
ROCK SNATCH SANDWICH (totally made that shit up)
Alt dumbbell snatch 10 (each side)
Hollow rocks – 20
Alt dumbbell snatch 8
Hollow rocks – 20
Alt dumbbell snatch 6
Hollow rocks – 20
Alt dumbbell snatch 4
Hollow rocks – 20
Alt dumbbell snatch 2
Hollow rocks – 20

DAY 7:
Weight – 216.3
Training – Active Rest days are the best days (yoga flex).


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Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut

Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut


30 Day Mini Week 2
Week 2 (January 23-29) 

Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut week 2

Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut week 2

Moving right along, and picking up steam with this 30-day mini cut.

Brick by brick, the foundation builds.

After losing weight last week by default, I am fully aware of my personal faults. With some deliberate intentions, I managed to tighten up and do more pre-planning of my meals. It’s shocking to realize that proper preparation prevents poor performance. Not really but, I did get more disciplined this week.

Because I don’t like feeling that fat roll spilling over my jeans feeling. I feel way better at 195 so that’s where we’re headed.

Macro goals – protein 250 / carbs 225 / fat 75-90
Weight loss this week 4.2 lbs
Training – 5 days + 1 yoga
Commitment RPE – 7.25

While I adjust many variables (reps, sets, muscle group combos) my routine stays fairly basic with exercise selections. I know what works, and also what I enjoy and I make it work.

Remember this is supposed to be enjoyable. For me, I enjoy happy. And exercising with weights to build my body fills my anxiety, depression free world with happy.

pay attention, take notes.

A closer look:

DAY 8:
Weight – no weigh in
Training- Chest / Delts

Internal external rotations
Reverse fly machine 3×20
Seated Cable chest fly 2×20/18/16

Incline chest (plate loaded) 3×20/12/10
Sideways chest press isolates 2×20

Dips (seated plate loaded) 3×15/12/10
Cable fly (low to high) 3×20
Cable fly ladder (upper/mid/low) 1 set 10reps at each

10 min LISS walk on treadmill (mainly to read and take training notes for this post)

DAY 9:
Weight – 216
Training – Back / Lats / Upper traps

Hip extension with low lat fire
Cable pullover with ab

Wide grip cable pullovers 4×20/15/12/10
NG Pulldowns to head 4×12

1 arm DB row 3×12/10/10
Hammer Strength Low Row 3×15/12/10
Reverse Fly (machine) 3×15

DAY 10:
Weight – no weigh in
Training – quick little arm pump/shoulder health maintenance

Bilateral cable curls 3×20/15/12
Unilateral cable triceps press downs 3×20/15/12
Forearm / wrist flexion / extension curls (old school roll up) 2x up/down
YTW – 3x 20 each

DAY 11:
Weight – 214
Training – active rest YOGA flex

DAY 12:
Weight – 212.5
Training- OFF/rest

DAY 13:
Weight – 211.6
Training – Glutes / hamstrings / Quads / Calves

In case I ever forget about the importance of a strong core and or adequate mobility, my body lets me know. And it’s usually when I’m performing a compound or multi-joint (MJ) movement with 225 pounds on my compressed spine. 

Today, barbell back squats let me know what was up. Remember those herniated discs from 1997? how could I ever forget?

2 reps in on my third set of some low box barbell back squats I feel that “YO, don’t you even think about another rep” kinda pain in my low back. Naturally, I keep going. FUCK thaaaaaaaat. Racked that weight faster than I could even think about my hurt ego.

Things were different years ago. I would have chalked the pain up to “don’t be a pussy, you still have 8 more reps left”.  Now, as a mature ego less meathead, I stopped squatting and moved on.

Here’s what I did:

Foam Roll glutes, low back, upper back,
Ankle to wall (ankle mobility) 1×30 each
Lateral band walk

KB swings 2×25
Pike up on sliders 2×20

Box Squats (low box) 3×20/15/2 out of a planned 10
*Instagram video is not from this workout

Rear elevated Split squats 3×19

Leg extensions 2×30
Glute Ham Developer (GHD) 2×20

Standing calve raise 3×30

DAY 14:
Weight – no weigh in
Training- Chest / Delt / Lats

I knew I want to hit up some chest and belts but I just love rowing and my back was feeling a bit lonely. I also wasn’t to improve my lat density this year,  so I incorporated a few sets with one monster drop set with Hammer Strength high rows.

Yoga flex flow – (downward dog to pigeon to tripod handstand to child’s pose)
Front plank 1×30 seconds
Side plank 1×30 seconds (each)

Neutral grip chest fly (machine) 3x20x15/10
Flat bench (unilateral plate loaded apparatus) 3×20/15/12/6 *last set was rest pause for 5 extras sets of 2

Hammer strength high row 3×20/15/12/6 *last set was rest pause for 5 extras sets of 2

Dumbell pullovers 4×15/12/12/10
Cable chest fly (high to low) 4×15/12/12/10
DB in out delts 2×15

30 Day Mini Cut
Week 3 (January 30-February 5)

Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut 3

Anthony Monetti 30 day mini cut 3

The honeymoon is over. This week was a bit challenging. Between my back acting like a neglected step child, and my lack of discipline with my nutrition I was actually up .2oz by the end of the week.Not a huge deal considering I am still down almost 6lbs which is averaging about .2lbs of fat loss per day. I know I can put more into this, and we will see a big change in the final week.

Logging this and actually putting it into cyberspace for the world to see is the best thing I can do for accountability. Discipline is the word of the week. Let’s go!but before we do, let’s take a closer look at that week 3 of this mini cut actually looked like.

Weight loss this week – gained .2 oz
Total weight loss so far – 5.6
macro goals – protein 250 / carbs 225 / fat 75-90
Training – 4 days + 1 yoga
Commitment RPE – 7

DAY 15:
Weight- 212.8
Training – OFF

DAY 16:
Weight- 210
Training – Back / Delts

Rope pullovers 4×15
Neutral grip (NG) pull down 4×10 squeeze

TRX neutral grip row 3×15
DB rear fly

DB lateral raise 3×15/12/12

DAY 17:
Weight- no weigh in
Training – Lower body and core

Foam roll glutes hamstrings IT band calves upper back

Warm up the kettlebell swings’ 3×25
hip circles with the slider 3×10

DB Reverse lunge 3×10 (each)
Front squats 5×20/15/12/10/8

Hex bar deadlift (yoga block between knees) 2×20
Rear elevated split squat 3×19(each)

Leg extensions 3×20
Hamstring curls SB (stability ball) 3×20
V-up SB 3×10

DAY 18:
Weight- no weigh in
Training – OFF / Yoga flow

I took an extra day to stretch and mobilize because my back has been lit up lately. More like my QL (quadratus lumborum) is all knotted up. Tight hips, inadequate ankle, and thoracic mobility when performing multi-joint hip movements such as front squats and deadlifts will do that to ya. This is something I must constantly work on although this usually requires the unsexy exercises that I tend to get lazy with. Until I have an issue that is, then I make sure I get my mobility drills in.

DAY 19:
Weight- no weigh in
Training – Chest / Delt quickie

Foam roll upper back/lats
PVC halos

Incline BB press 5×20/20/15/12/10
DB Rear fly 4×30

Neutral Grip Deficit push-ups 3×20

Incline e-z bar front raise 3×15

Cable rope overhead triceps extensions
Bilateral Cable curls 3×20/15/12

DAY 20:
Weight- no weigh in
Full Body met con mini workouts

Foam roll lats/hip flexors/ quads /calves
Ankle mobility

KB get up 2x 2 each
Mountain climbers (sliders) 3×20
Hip circles (sliders) 3×10
Cable rope pullover with ab crunch 3×30

Sumo DL 4×10
Body row (TRX) 4×15

Man makers 3×10/8/6
Assisted pull-ups 3×10

Rope burn 3x 60-second work / 60second rest

Anthony Monetti mini cut week 4-1

Anthony Monetti mini cut week 4-1

30 Day Mini Cut
Week 4 plus 5 days (February 5-17)

Although I am not doing with the post-competition fat loss process, I am done with this 30-day mini cut. What does that mean?

It means I have lost 5.6 pounds averaging 1.12 lbs of weight loss over the past 5 weeks.

What’s good about this? I lost 5.6lbs
What’s not good yet? I still weigh more than I want to right now.

This past week I did take a few extra days off, in a row. This wasn’t planned, it was as a result of lack of planning. I have been burning the candle at both ends so to speak. Getting to bed late (for me, after 10p) and attempting to wake up early, 4:30a early. I prefer my training to be done first thing in the morning to begin my day. This week, sleepy time.

Allo good, though. I will be maintaining this new weight for a few weeks until I begin the next cut phase, which is scheduled to begin March 6, 2016.

Next stop, 200 lbs.

Here’s how my week of workouts looked.

DAY 21:
Weight- no weigh in
Training – OFF

DAY 22:
Weight- no weigh in
Training – OFF

DAY 23
Rest days are the best days

Day 24

Seated chest Cable fly 3×20/12/10
Machine rear Delt fly 3×20/12/10

Plate loaded Dips 4×20/12/10/8
Standing Chest (high to low)3×20

Hammer strength incline (mid range)

Hammer strength high row 4×20/12/8/rest pause

High to low cable rear fly 2×20

Machine lateral raise 3×12 (strict)

Bilateral isolated bicep curl 3×15/12/10


DAY 25

Foam hip flexors/ quads
Lat stretch
Triceps stretch

KB getup 2×2
KB swings American 2×25
Unilateral lat pulldown (frontal plane)2×30

Seal rows 5x 20/15/10/8/6 drop

T-bar one arm bent over row 3×12/8/8

Decline EZ bar pullover 3×20/12/10
Neutral grip pulldowns 3×15

Unilateral cable triceps extensions 3×20
*Elbow has been bugging so I went for the strength and mid-range pump

DAY 26
No training

Hip mobility
Ankle mobility

DAY 27
No training

DAY 28

Step mill 5 min
Hip mobility
Ankle mobility

Unilateral hamstring curl 3×15/12/10
Unilateral bridge (off bench) 3×20(each)

Front squat plate loaded machine 5×20/15/12/10/10 (2-second pause at bottom)

Unilateral leg press 3×20(each)
Rear elevated split squat 3×20(each)

Addiction machine 3×12 (squeeze at top)
Standing to calve raise 3×20

DAY 29
Saturday open gym
Push-pull vertical

Banded Lat distraction/pitcher stretch

KB Roll up – 1×5 (each side)
KB Bridge up – 1×5 (each side)
Full get up 1×3 (each side)

BB Strict press 5×20/12/10/8/6
Close grip pulldowns 4x 20/15/12/10
Gator slides 4x 10


DAY 30
Push-pull horizontal

Shoulder Internal external rotations 1×20(each)
External rotations horizontal 1×20 (each)

Unilateral low row (lean forward)4×20/15/
Seated cable chest fly

Hammer strength row 4×15/12/10/10
Hammer strength decline chest press 4×15/12/10/10


DAY 31

DAY 32
Fasted cardio

Treadmill Sprints 5x30work /30rest
Step mill 10 min steady state


DAY 33


DAY 34
Lower strength/hypertrophy

Banded hip distractions (video coming soon)
Deadbugs with stability ball 2×20
1 leg walking reach 2×10
Bear crawl 2×30 ft

Sumo deadlift
465 x2

Rear elevated split squats 2×20 each
Weighted glute bridge 2x20x10
Hanging knee raise 2×20


DAY 35

Cable crunch with pullover 2×30
Roman chair reverse Sit-up 2×19

Monster set
1.Unilateral Cable low row 4×20/15/15/12
2.Cable reverse grip pullovers 4×15
3. Neutral grip pulldowns to chin with squeeze 4×12

Hammer strength low row with shrug 4×20/12/10/10
Cable rear fly (high to low) 4×15

Overhead triceps extension (machine)
Rope pullover with triceps press down 3×10

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