Don’t limit your potential

Yesterday, my daily growth habit revolved around my current body fat level, Integrity, and

I knew it was only a matter of time before some small thinking haters would surface.

To be honest, these kind of people used to hold me back from speaking my mind. I avoided video production, blog creation, and for the most part all of social media in order to protect my fears of acceptance, failure and criticism.

Behold, the rebirth of the real Anthony Monetti.

Let’s get to it. Pay attention if you have ever quickly judged someone based solely on their looks and or financial status.

I’m talking natural bodybuilding here for a minute and you will see how I relate it a any life situation.

Accusing me of drug use because of my current body fat level is small thinking and it is limiting your true potential.

As an immature young bodybuilder who worked his ass off daily to build a championship physique, I used to automatically accuse someone who was bigger, stronger or more ripped than I was.

But then, I got accused of being on steroids.

And obviously, I still do. But I know that I am not. And I have realized that accusing someone of this or that has zero relevance to me or my life and only limits my potential instead of inspiring me to push myself to that level.

It’s like saying, “all millionaires have robbed banks, ponzy schemed and have worked in organized crime to become millionaires”

That make sense?

I have been building my body for 25 years now, I believe that’s a silver anniversary. Cheers!

Don’t you think I should look like I have been at this for 25 years? I mean the gym has been my sanctuary, my college and now my business.

And besides, I’m not THAT big, strong or ripped. Don’t limit your potential kids, stay focused, stay hungry and achieve more.

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