Grow your chest.

Or as I like to say chesticles.

We all have that one lagging body part that no matter what we do, it won’t grow as fast as all of the muscles we work on daily.

No surprises here, chest is one muscle in particular that most meatheads and upcoming wanna be meatheads looove to develop. I mean, national chest day is every Monday and you will most likely find this day to be the most crowded that of the week at your local gym. Especially around the bench presses and cable flys.

Unless you are like me of course, and have a unique style of training the whole body within 3 days beginning with pulling exercises and kb swings but that’s for another blog post.

Let’s dive into chest.

I have had some bros ask what exercises/reps/sets I recommend to grow the lagging chest. After 25 years of pounding my body into submission with numerous programs of all different muscle pairings, configurations and frequencies with everything from 100 rep sets to 2 rep max sets I say this, there is no secret exercise or exercise combination.

I’m sure there are a lot of fitness pros making booku bucks off “THE SECRET TO” this or that, and to be honest, I will most likely come up with my own secrets to “The Perfect Body” and sell to you but at a later date of course.

All joking aside, I didn’t invent exercise. I have combined unique exercises together with different rep and set combinations to change up my routine throughout my 25 years in the iron game. I got bored quite often and moved onto a different muscle grouping splits and always changed up my weeks for different focuses.

It’s wasn’t one exercise or another that created my chest or any other champion’s chest out there. It’s a combination of using different techniques, reps, sets, and of course and most important CONSISTENT HARD WORK.

Nick the original natural bodybuilding guru and I used to change up our weekly rotation that resembled something like this:

Week 1 – Heavy (strength)

Week 2 – Medium (hypertrophy)

Week 3 – Light (conditioning)

This was ultimately the most balanced training protocol in such a way it kept us strong, conditioned and of course looking like a bodybuilder. Plus we were never bored.

At bodhi we use the same principles on a monthly rotation, and to make sure everyone is getting adequate recovery I introduced a deload week as week 4. We still work this week, only we make it our focus to learn new techniques and practice skill work that we apply to the other weeks.

It looks something like this:

Week 1 – Heavy (strength)

Week 2 – Medium (hypertrophy)

Week 3 – Light (conditioning)

Week 4 – Deload (technique)

I am working on an online training program and website to help you all with your natural bodybuilding transformation needs and wants but I began this article with a purpose. Where was I?

Oh yeah, this 1 simple chest finisher exercise for maximum growth.

Check out Rocco and I crushing this challenge, give it a shot and let us know how you did.

And be sure to head over to www.AnthonyMonetti.com to leave me your email, and questions so we can chat and I can make a video.

Happy Chesticle building!

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