Stop eating clean.

Labeling food clean or dirty denotes an unhealthy relationship with food.If you cheated on your wife or girlfriend just for one day or meal would it be ok? Cheating is a negative word and produces a negative affirmation.

I will have one cheat meal per week.

I will cheat once during my marriage.

See. Neither one sounds promising. The goal is to create a healthy relationship with food or in this case I will use the term diet. Understanding that the word diet refers to a habitual nourishment of food and beverage.

For the definition of nourishment visit this link -> Webster’s

When I think of the word cheat I think of getting by with less than sufficient efforts toward accomplishing a goal.

Have you ever cheated on a test in school? I have, and the result was that I passed the test at hand but failed the test of learning the information.

This is my point and inspiration for this post.

When I was going through my unhealthy bodybuilding days; I used to gain a tremendous amount of weight after a competition. I would eat so “clean” meaning I would be very bland and structured with my selection of foods mainly because I felt there were dieting foods and there were off season foods. I shouldn’t have to tell you that pizza, ice cream and my moms infamous eggplant rollatini were never on my competition diet program. But, why? They were cheat foods, and I am so disciplined I will never cheat myself during competition prep. When I was done with my Saturday competition however, I was in a food frenzy binge fest until Monday feeling like a blivit which according to the urban dictionary is 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. That’s a great visual huh? Think of how I felt, and maybe you can relate.

Is this a healthy relationship with food?

Going out on a limb here and I’ll assume you answered no. The term diet is the reason the overused restricted diet plans do not work. EVER.

Are you expecting to trick your body into losing weight? Do you want to want to lose weight, transform your body permanently or just for one week at a time?

Learn the process of manipulating your metabolism to a level where you can eat just about anything you want (food allergies aside) and create a healthy relationship with food once and for all. This process will not be a 123.. thing; it takes inspiration, motivation and of course education. Luckily we have created fail proof programs to accommodate your needs and wants.

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