Today’s guest was Brody Bloom; a 25 year old critical thinker, philosopher, and all around bad ass dude.

Don’t judge a book by the cover though, his tattoos tell a story and his viking looking beard make him a big teddy bear mostly for his beautiful (also bad ass) wifey.

Brody’s no bullshit, real talking personality is what inspired me to invite him on the show.

As we began talking, he reminded me of the day I watched him compete as a teen at the Natural NY State Bodybuilding Championships years ago. I was impressed with his physique so much that I shook his hand after the show and gave him encouragement to continue as he clearly showed a bright future in the sport.

He was clean cut then and from what I remember, he had minimal (if any) ink on his body. I didn’t recognize him when I first saw him on FB, but he obviously continued to kick ass with his career.

We chatted for an hour about life struggles, first impressions, and how the world needs more real talking quality information giving people that are willing to help others with their own personal journey.

Expect big things from this guy, and watch out for some Monetii – Brute training collaboration videos and workshops around the United States.

Other things we discussed:

Iron Mind
what was the defining moment when you decided to become an entrepreneur?
Where did you get your inspiration from?
how is your Brute Training Performance different from the rest?
biggest influencer in your life? why?
bodybuilding vs power lifting?
Personal Trainer? or just online?
Relationship with DLB and Rob Bailey
Biggest accomplishment to date?
rapid fire
figure, bikini, or bodybuilding chicks?
three words to describe the fitness industry? ( “You want me to be honest” was the FB post that made me reach out to you to get you on the show)
Most valuable lesson learned from the development of building your physique?
Favorite book recommendations?
Next on your bucket list?
If today was your last day on earth, what would you say to your fans/followers?
How can we keep up with Brody Bloom Brute Training Performance brand? Social media, etc;

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