John Gorman is: a diet coach, founder and captain of Team Gorman. He works with professional and amateur bodybuilders achieving over 250 wins, overalls,and numerous world titles since 2010 along with 15 Team Awards.
John is a highly sought after public speaker and is also a published author with his firstbook out now on Amazon, “Metabolic Capacity and Reverse Dieting”.
John Gorman is also co-founder of The Physique Summit Conference along with Cliff Wilson, and is a 1st Phorm Elite Trainer.
I have to say it was a true pleasure chatting with this dude. Super chill and had a ton of great, LOGICAL info for the “confusing” topics discussed around the inter webs these days.
Powerful podcast, you should listen. Here are some things we talked about.
Where did you get your inspiration from?
Drug free bodybuilding vs non tested?


how is your peaking/training philosophy different?
offseason gains? or no offseason, only pre season. Stay lean?
old school exercise or new school science?
Life family bodybuilding work balance. How do you Divide up your life?
Physique Summit Conference –
Layne Norton, Cliff Wilson, Brian Whitacre, Mike Nelson
How/why did you team up with these guys?
Elite trainer – 1st phorm
Meet the guidelines for WNBF banned substances?
Questions from fb
the struggles with reverse dieting and is the extra fat needed to build serious muscle in offseason?
Top 5 health oriented supplements that actually work?
Rapid Fire
Favorite book recommendations?
Next on your bucket list?
If today was your last day on earth, what would you say to your fans/followers?
How can we keep up with John Gorman? Social media, etc;

Links from show:
Relentless By Tim Grover on Amazon

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