WNBF Pro Figure overal champ 2015
Tiffany and I tried for a few weeks to coordinate this interview.
After a few reschedules and a bit of frustration with setting up skype, we finally got to talking.
And, as irony has it I brain farted and never hit record as soon as we jumped on the call.
So, what you missed early on this cool chat was Tiffany was describing her multi race background, her pro card win and her recent trip to Hawaii.
Once we got to talking, Tiffany’s voice mis matches her physique. She is soft spoken, polite and a self described introvert. The physique that Tiffany brought to the stage in 2015 was nothing short of amazing and powerful.
The 2015 WNBF Pro Figure Overall Champ TIffany Nikol Sipos speaks about her journey to become the new age standard of Natural Figure competitors.

Some topics we discussed:

how is your peaking philosophy different?
IIFYM or Bro science

Gymnastics? Personal Trainer
Biggest accomplishment to date?
rapid fire
bodybuilding or mens physique dudes?
Your best tip for someone like myself who is looking to write books, and articles for magazines?
Most valuable lesson learned from the development of building your physique?
Favorite book recommendations?
Next on your bucket list?
If today was your last day on earth, what would you say to your fans/followers?
How can we keep up with THE CURRENT WORLD FIGURE CHAMP? Social media, etc;
Links from show:
Tiffany on Facebook

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