Judging the 2018 WNBF Worlds was an honor and a dream come true.

The process of building my body for the last 28 years has laid the foundation for me as an entrepreneur. The discipline, structure, and integrity I’ve extracted from the daily training still remain as core values I bring into the community at bodhi.

But, the competitive stage has connected me with some of the most down to earth people who have become my chosen family.

During the 2018 WNBF Worlds, I reunited with my bodybuilding brothers and sisters from all over the globe.

The coolest part is my man JROCK was right there the whole time documenting the weekend so we can relive it over and over!

We will be chopping up the 2018 WNBF Worlds footage into much smaller videos full of interviews, and stories involving the best of the best natural bodybuilder and figure competitors in the world!

Here are the full videos.

Preparing to JUDGE THE WORLD | LA Vlog Day 1 | Project My Life Episode 5

Judging The WNBF Worlds | LA Vlog Day 2 | Project My Life Episode 6

WNBF Worlds | LA Vlog Day 3 | Project My life Episode 7 | World’s Natural Bodybuilding Federation

2018 WNBF Worlds Backstage interviews

WNBF Worlds Bantamweight Champion Clement Yearwood

I met Clem back in 2008 when we both won our pro cards. I won the heavyweight title at the INBF Hercules in June 2008 and had the privilege of judging the INBF Naturalmania when Clement won his pro card. Friends become chosen family as they say, and Clem has become my iron brother. Here is a quick clip from the WNBF Worlds when we shared some moments backstage before he won the bantamweight division!

WNBF Pro Worlds competitor Shannon Kelly

I met Shannon Kelly when she wowed us and swept the competition at the INBF Northeast America ( INBFNEAmerica.com ) back in 2014.

We invited her to our private VIP photo shoot with Nikos Tsakinis at bodhi the next day. Her passion for helping others and her 🔥 and fun personality was what made me recruit her to be a coach bodhi because we only recruit the best of the best! It was a pleasure reuniting with Shannon and a prideful moment when I saw her step on that pro stage with confidence, poise, and a kick-ass physique!

Here’s a quick clip of the interview.

WNBF Pro Chris Elkins at the 2018 WNBF worlds

My man Chris Elkins brought his best package to date to the WNBF World’s stage this year! 👏🏼He made a statement for sure and finished 4th  in a super competitive bantamweight lineup. You guys know I’m a fanatic about posing and stage presence and of course, so I had to give Chris my two cents. Heres a quick clip of our interview and Chris Elkins posing.

WNBF Pro Sam Okunola at the 2018 WNBF Worlds

I finally met up with Sam Okunola at the INBF Muscle Mayhem in California while I was judging. At any given time, WNBF pros are randomly asked to do a urinalysis. the Muscle Mayhem was Sam’s time to pee in a cup for a random drug test. Obviously, Sams test came up negative for any banned substances. Here’s a quick clip of Sam and I talking shop at the WNBF Worlds in LA this past November.

WNBF Pro Francisco Inzunza at the 2018 WNBF Worlds

This is why I love the natural bodybuilding community so much, meeting like-minded people who can relate to the discipline and hard work that goes into building your body.

I first met Francisco Inzunza at the INBF Muscle Mayhem in California when he was working backstage helping expedite the show. Francisco is a super chill dude with a strong passion for bodybuilding and helping others. While going to school full time, working full time as an EMT, he still managed to train daily, eat with discipline which led him to a 5th place finish at the 2018 WNBF Worlds.

Here’s a quick clip of Francisco Inzunza and I talking shop, and some highlights of his posing routine!

WNBF Expeditor and Kai Greene’s posing coach Ian Mercer

The art of posing is often overlooked these days in natural bodybuilding. The old school guys understand the importance of presenting your final product on stage as complementary and as professional as possible.

I’m grateful to have been coached and mentored by one of the best in the business – Ian Mercer. You may recognize some of the athletes Ian (pops) has helped mentor; top IFBB pro Kai Greene, WNBF World Champ Clement Yearwood to just name a few.

Ian has been a fixture in the INBF and WNBF for over 40 years and has been making the competitions run smoothly by expediting backstage operations.

I caught up with the longtime father figure and WNBF expeditor Ian Mercer at the 2018 WNBF Worlds, here’s a brief clip of our conversation.

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