In the small downtown community of Somerville NJ, Karen and I have been building our brick and mortar business; bodhi. Our boutique studio is not a gym, we are a community of people inspiring people. When I wanted to start my own life coaching business I decided that the general population was to be my first demographic to target.

We have developed a powerfully inspirational community, and as they will continue to grow organically, its time to do more online coaching for competitive athletes.

Liz found us doing a google search when looking for local competition coaches, thankfully she gave us an opportunity to coach her to a few victories.

The WNBF Northeast America Bodybuilding and Figure competition was Liz’s first competition this year and she won the open figure class, in which she was awarded a pro card.

Here are some topics we discussed:

  • 0:17 – Karen steps up and becomes my co-host (after dragging her feet)
  • 1:30 – Karen gets shy
  • 2:12 – New WNBF Figure pro Elizabeth Green intro and she explains her life philosophy
  • 4:00 – Project my life concept and embrace the grind
  • 5:00 – What brings Elizabeth to the competitive stage?
  • 8:30 – Liz explains her first experience as a competitor
  • 10:00 – Larger shows become a cluster f***
  • 11:00 – Staying positive after a horrible life experience
  • 12:50 – New pro but not ready for the pro stage yet, we must improve to be competitive
  • 14:20 – Using a practical approach to transforming your body
  • 15:15 – Macronator! – Liz burns through over 350 carbs to get shredded
  • 16:10 – 2015 plans and Karens recommended nutrition guidelines to support new goals
  • 18:50 – Karen says “a full day of relaxed eating post competition does your body good”!
  • 20:02 – Reality check when looking to build quality muscle in 6 months
  • 21:50 – Karen explains her practical approach to increasing food
  • 25:15 – No specific rules when it comes to eating, its based upon individual lifestyle
  • 25:35 – Liz explains her history of dieting / eating
  • 27:55 – Meal planning, meal prep, and buying into macro tracking flexible dieting approach
  • 28:21 – Dealing with people who don’t understand the healthy lifestyle
  • 30:25 – Cory, Liz’s fiancé chimes in and gets real with how the others criticize the people who work hard to look good to justify their lack of motivation and will power
  • 33:20 – How do you fit all of demands of this lifestyle into your daily routine?
  • 35:33 – Success people have successful habits and begin passionate
  • 36:30 – Booty improvements, and workout changes
  • 39:40 – Creating a balance by incorporating a “relaxed meal” into your week
  • 40:00 – Eat those carbs you skinny bitch!
  • 40:55 – Keeping up with Liz and her sponsor
  • 43:08 – Ant read his first book cover to cover at age 37
  • 44:58 – Ant’s power hour every morning routine
  • 45:45 – Liz is Cory’s Ferrari and becomes a food diva
  • 46:50 – How can we improve our online training program?
  • 48:20 – Monthly team calls and private members only Facebook page
  • 49:38 – Liz shares some inspirational words for newbies struggling to change your life
  • 51:18 – Life is a marathon, be open to change, expect greatness
  • 52:15 – Cory shares some words of wisdom
  • 55:26 – Karen ends with a great Les Brown quote

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