If I were to guess, this is one of the most searched topics on google.

No surprise here.

In an age where obesity is an epidemic.


According to the word itself; Epidemic as an adjective means of a infectious disease affecting many persons at the same time, spreading from person to person.

or as a noun: A rapid spread or increase in the occurrence of something.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled obesity as an epidemic. (

To me that just sounds crazy.

Obviously, there is more to this than a quick fix. Yet, we want quick, fast, results that require little to no effort. What pill can I take that will help me lose weight fast and have me looking like that guy or gal on the cover of the latest fitness magazine.

“I’ve gained weight because my nutritional habits sucked, and I don’t exercise regularly” yet I want to get healthy and lose weight fast”. Like yesterday!

Since I have been vocalizing all of my secrets lately, I will let you in on another secret.

The fast, quick, fingerprint keyless entry world we live is wonderful when it comes to researching info, or tracking a missing person but when it comes to losing fat or living healthy, understand there is no quick fix.

It’s a process. It’s all about creating successful habits that you can apply daily, over and over and over again until it becomes a lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle.

This process is not easy. It’s simple, but not effortless. You must commit yourself to this process and understand it will take time. You will not be perfect at it, and thats ok, it will take time.

But, the more you work on your healthy habits the less you will be searching “how to lose weight fast”.

So, drum roll please…

The best supplement for you to lose weight fast is, your mindset.

Supplement your quick fix mentality with a more realistic thinking process of “slow and steady”. By focusing on what’s broke; Your relationship with food.

The quicker you change your thought process, the faster you will lose your ass fat, belly fat and arm fat. It’s true.

Stop thinking “fast” and think forever. In order to lose weight forever you must work on your mindset first. Permanent weight loss, wouldn’t that be nice?

You will never have to google “How to lose weight fast” ever again, just think about that. Looking and feeling like you did back in high school, yes it’s possible.

And as a bonus, here’s the close second to “lose weight fast” – Nutrition.If you want help with this process, luckily for you that’s what we do.

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Anthony Monetti

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