Month: November 2018

2018 WNBF Worlds Meeting Greeting and Judging

2018 WNBF WORLDS Project my life Stories with Anthony Monetti

Judging the 2018 WNBF Worlds was an honor and a dream come true. The process of building my body for the last 28 years has laid the foundation for me as an entrepreneur. The discipline, structure, and integrity¬†I’ve extracted from the daily training still remain as core¬†values I bring into the community at bodhi. But,… Read more »

Ray Digmi – Lifestyle Apparel

Project my life Ray Digmi podcast

On today’s Project My Life podcast we meet Ray, the owner, and CEO of Digmi lifestyle apparel. Listen to the full Digmi Lifestyle Apparel podcast Ray is a former pro baseball player and explains his vision for the Digmi brand. Ray believes in growing the Digmi lifestyle apparel organically while not giving in to the… Read more »

Bodybuilding – My Drug of Choice Project My Life Episode 3

Anthony Monetti project my life episode 3

Bodybuilding for me started off from vanity but quickly became my drug of choice to fix depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness. I knew early on by age 16 that I was going to be a competitive bodybuilder. With big dreams of becoming a highly respected and admired face (and physique) in the industry, I began… Read more »